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A picture. A still piece of time that never fades. That’s what Anthony of Anthony Hamm Photography wants to do. Give people a frozen memory that will not be forgotten. Anthony started down the road of photography when he was in high school taking a digital photography class and has continued pursuing it since. Being the oldest of four, he is close with his family which led to him moving from California his home state to a small town named in Alabama called Atmore to be closer with them. It was here that he started taking pictures in his home and where the dream of Anthony Hamm Photography was born. Since starting he has been published in three distinguished Magazines: Shutter Up Magazine, Rising Model Magazine, and New-to-Two Magazine. As Anthony’s clientele grew he learned how to adapt. As the seasons changed so does Anthony’s themes and portraits. Most of the time he builds an idea around an item but he also works one on one with is clients and tries to help bring their vision to life with a pre-consultation session. He offers on location services as well because he knows memories are not just made in one place but everywhere. Furthermore, many have praised Anthony for his patience when it comes to working with children. Which is no surprise since he has experience with his three younger siblings. From Family to New Born Portraits to Senior Portraits and many more, Anthony wants to go along with you and capture these unforgettable moments in time. And give people a memory to last for years to come.

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